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Welcome to Noqta Tattoos in Berlin, the contemporary tattoo studio with a focus on art and individuality. Our professional team offers unique tattoos in a warm and inviting atmosphere. You can book your appointment by choosing your artist. 

Filiz (Founder)

Filiz studied Middle Eastern Studies and Art History before she became involved with Istanbul’s art scene. During this time, she also set up a successful tattoo studio with Cagdas. She practises a technique called hand poke, meaning that she tattoos without a machine. Hand Poke is a sensitive and meaningful way of decorating the body. The connection with the client is highly important to her. Filiz also offers workshops.

Çağdaş (Founder)

Cagdas became fascinated by tattoo art when he was still in his teens and constructed his first tattoo machine at 14. Later on, he turned his passion into a profession and ran a successful studio in Cihangir, a vibrant neighbourhood in central Istanbul. Since 2020 he mainly practises his art in Germany. He specialises in geometrical patterns, mandalas and ornaments in dotwork style. In his own words: „Tattoos don’t necessarily have to tell a story – but they are part of the story of the person who carries them on their skin for their entire life.”


During his childhood in Izmir, Kodi started to grow roses and plants in his gardens and his love for nature has continued to grow stronger since then. Watching the flowers he grew, flourish and reach their potential made him very happy.  Now, everything he loves is together; he travels around the world, blossoms bodies and enjoys the peace of the garden he creates, without leaving nature.


Tugce`s artistic journey started in Antalya, creating paintings at the fine arts high school. Later, she continued her interest in interior design with studies at Mimar Sinan University in Istanbul. Tugce draws a parallel between interior design and tattooing, both involving listening to people's needs and desires, then creating a living space or a tattoo design for them.


Osman Ergin is a passionate painter and tattoo artist whose journey into the world of art began at a young age. With a foundation in Fine Arts from Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University in Turkey, his artistic expression spans pencil drawing, oil painting, and digital art, marked by a commitment to precision and creativity. As a tattoo artist, Osman specializes in translating detailed sketches and charcoal drawings into tattoos, merging traditional fine arts techniques with contemporary tattooing practices to produce deeply personal and meaningful pieces for his clients. 


Ata Tunca is an experienced and passionate tattoo artist from Istanbul who has been tattooing for about seven years. Since he started his professional tattooing career, he developed his own distinctive style which can be defined as a geometrical fine-line style. He creates unique artworks with an elegant and delicate look. 

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